LAND @ Torrance Art Museum LA, and @ Momentum experimental arts festival, RANGE gallery, KolKata

zohar8202“LAND” (HD video, 4:36 min,), by Zohar Kawaharada & Yuval Yairi, edited by Yoav Bezaleli

“LAND”, by Zohar Kawaharada & Yuval Yairi,  Torrance Art Museum Los Angeles – 2 April – 28 May 2016, Range Gallery, Kolkata / India – 1-3 April 2016,
hosting CologneOFF 2016 India II

“Collecting Dust- Contemporary Israeli Art”, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem יומן אבק

"Collecting Dust- Contemporary Israeli Art" at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

“Collecting Dust- Contemporary Israeli Art” at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, December 4, 2013

Curator: Tami Manor-Friedman

From Collecting Dust exhibition catalogue, text by Tamar Manor-Friedman, curator,

The Israel Museum, 2013

“Nimrod Roundabout” was taken just hours prior to the museum’s reopening, and it focuses on the final cleaning-up operations in the main lobby, where Itzhak Danziger’s sculpture “Nimrod” stands as a centerpiece. When the images are screened in rapid succession, the anonymous worker maneuvering the floor scrubber is blurred, his repetitive circular movement around the gleaming icon that has become a symbol of Israeli art assumes the aspect of a ritual dance around a sacred figure – reminicent, perhaps, of the hands of a clock moving between the ephemeral and the eternal, between the human and the sublime. Yairi’s photographic odyssey concludes at this very moment, when the ancient patriarch “Nimrod”, carved from desert sandstone, stands on its pedestral in the spotless temple.

יומן אבק – אמנות ישראלית עכשווית

אוצרת: תמי מנור-פרידמן

מוזיאון ישראל, ירושלים

LAND at ZCA gallery, October 2013

LAND installation view 2

LAND installation view 2 / Yuval Yairi / יובל יאירי

LAND installation view 3

LAND installation view 3 / Yuval Yairi / יובל יאירי

LAND installation view 3

LAND at ZCA: entrance

LAND at ZCA: entrance / Yuval Yairi / יובל יאירי

LAND, HD video, Zohar Kawaharada & Yuval Yairi

LAND, HD video, Zohar Kawaharada & Yuval Yairi

Lifta (detail)Lifta (detail)

Yuval Yairi

Lifta, 2013, 116×295 cm / Yuval Yairi / יובל יאירי