Agnon at Lorenz – Neve Schechter, TLV

Exhibition about Neve Tzedek and the story “T’mol Shilshom” written by S.Y. Agnon. Fiftieth anniversary of the Nobel Prize and due to the fact that Agnon used to live in Neve Tzedek and spend time at Cafe Lorentz.

A story, “T’mol Shilshom”, with the main character, Issac Komer, moving between Jaffa, Neve Tzedek and Jerusalem. The works presented in this exhibition communicates to Agnon and historic figures mentioned in the context of Neve Tzedek.
Participating artists: Uri Lifshitz, Judy Kopleman, Danny Kerman, Yuval Yairi, Yachin Hirsch, Micha Shagrir and Raya Bruckenthal.

 Curator: Shira Friedman

Opening: Wednesday, 15.6.16 at 10:00, Opening Hours: Sun-Thu, 09:00-17:00
Credit: Yuval Yairi, The Fly, 2006
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